Monday, October 26, 2009

A Rough Weekend

Mykensie felt good, almost energized, on Friday.

Saturday- she started out just feeling weird- no other way to pin point or describe it; she just felt off. Then it really hit Saturday night. Mom spent the night with her and was by her side. A little friend called "Dramamine" helped to put a drowsy spell over her body so she could get at least some sleep. The night was spent rotating between hot and cold spells, frequent trips to the bathroom, nauseous spells, and an achy body from head to toe. Luckily, no throwing up, even though she probably wanted to. The Dr's say they don't want vomiting to happen.

Sunday morning was better. She gathered up enough energy to go to sacrament meeting at church. I talked to her briefly to ask how she felt, she replied, "I'm good," but I could hear in her warn out scratchy voice it must have been a long night. Poor thing.

I was cranky and ornery all weekend from a small bug going around. I had to catch myself wallowing in my "discomfort," when I knew Mykensie had it much worse and probably never even complained once. She's always been like that- a very cheerful spirit.

Thankfully, Mykensie was able to make it to class today. Mom started the trek back to Oregon to make it back to work. I know she hates leaving Mykensie. Mykensie left mom with the parting words,"next time you see me I won't have any hair." I cried when I heard this. You'll still be beautiful without that curly hair Kenz!

Cody and Camie volunteered for the next chemo duty, November 5th. We are sure glad family can be there to help her out.

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