Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Mykensie is officially done with her last segment of her two-part cancer treatment! As of yesterday, she had her last radiation treatment. She started radiation May 12 and had it daily

M-F for four and a half weeks. She has some killer tattoos to show from the treatments now. Well, not really, they just look like moles- small and circular- but she can still act all BA since she has them. She is BA because she is super woman and made it through six months of chemo, 1.5 months of radiation, and several weeks of tests and agonizingly long Dr. appointments all while staying in school full time, being on scholarship (which means she kept her amazing straight A grades), and working. She also did all of this far, far away from most of our family- yes, we were there when we could be, but for the most part she had to do it alone, which killsme. She is awesome though and we LOVE her! Thanks for all of the prayers, support, concern, and care everyone contributed on her behalf!

She will have some CT scans here in the next few weeks to see what the end results are (we pray they are good). But for now, we will just celebrate her being DONE!!!!!