Sunday, January 31, 2010

CT Results

Mykensie received the results of her CT scan at her last treatment. The Dr. delivered good news in that her cancerous masses have been reduced by at least 50%, which means the treatment is working and she is on track to recovery! We are so thankful!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year!

Mykensie had a treatment Christmas Eve, so Mom and Dad drove down to be with her and celebrated Christmas at Cody and Camie's apartment. Mom and Dad drove Mykensie back to Oregon with them and she was able to visit in Bend for about a week before returning to school. It was nice for her to see friends and family.

Her treatments are starting to build on each other and the effects have been hitting her more quickly now. She used to not feel uncomfortable until the 3rd day. Now, she can feel it the night of treatment, but she is still making it through. Thankfully, she has still been able to stay on schedule for chemo. She had a little scare over Christmas break with an infection in her mouth, but once attended to with some antibiotics it cleared up quickly.

As of her treatment yesterday, she is now officially halfway done with chemotherapy! There are six treatments left, and if she is able to stay on schedule she will be through on April 1st! Just in time for her to prep for finals and not have to worry about feeling so awful! The Dr. has order a CT scan within the next couple of weeks to see the effects the chemo is having on the cancerous masses. Mykensie says she already feels like they have gone down, so we hope that is the case!

Mykensie is settled back at BYU for the winter semester. She has lessened her credit load to 10 credits and work is being very flexible with her situation and allowing her to work less hours as well. She is such a trooper!
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