Thursday, October 22, 2009

First Chemo Treatment

Today Mykensie received her first Chemo treatment. She has said she is ready to just get things started. The last few weeks have been physically and emotionally exhausting, full of long appointments, tests, and sitting in waiting rooms all while juggling school and work (I think she will quit her job...or at least hope she will).

She will receive a treatment every 2 weeks and will always be on a Thursday. According to the Dr.'s the actual administration of the Chemo is a pretty easy and painless process (she has her port already in and will stay in until her therapy is complete). The nasty part usually hits on day 2-4 (hopefully the bad part hits during the weekend so she has time to rest). After the weekend we will see how she is feeling and how she reacts to the treatments.

Before today's appointment, Dr said she would only need 4 cycles (4 months) of chemo and no radiation.

Unfortunately, she got upped to 6 cycles (6 months, 12 treatments), plus will need radiation afterward. Also, the Dr. wants to do a bone marrow biopsy tomorrow to see if the cancer has spread into the bone (we do NOT want that to be the case) because her cancer is in the "bulky mass" category.

The verdict on what stage of cancer she has is still out. The Dr said after the bone marrow biopsy comes back, then he will tell her what stage she is in.


  1. Hey Kens!
    Blayne and I want you to know you have been in our prayers for the last several weeks. That will definitely continue. Keep up the good spirits! We love you!

  2. Kensie---I am so, so, so sorry to hear the news. I just found out. As a positive, you are one strong chica and I know with your positive and strong outlook, you'll sail right thru this obstacle and look back on it as a past chapter in your book of life! My Grandpa actually traveled down to Utah for his cancer treatments at that same place. Today, he is cancer free and healthy as ever. I'm glad your mom can be there to get you thru the 'shock' of it all. We are sending prayers and thoughts your way. We'll be praying for good test results. Let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you. You are one of my favorite ladies of all time!!! I'm living in Boise now, so I'm a mere 5 hours away if you need me! Take Care of yourself and I'll keep checking in on this blog to see how you're doing. Love you lots! Keep your chin up!!

  3. Hey Kensie! Thinking about you all the time and sending prayers and good karma your way. Lots of love, Peggy

  4. Hi Sweetheart
    Chin up girl I know this will be a rough road, but you are strong and have LOTS of love and support. I know Marcie will be coming to visit when she gets home. Remember I love you!!!! Aunt Bonnie

  5. Love you little Kensaroo!! Praying for you Mightily!!