Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Long Overdue Update!

Sorry! Yes, Mykensie is still alive and, for the most part, well. It has been a very busy last few weeks with all of the holidays and she has had several visitors.

Mykle and Kannon flew out from Kansas to be with her for her treatment the day before Thanksgiving and then stayed a week later as well. It was so nice to have some sister bonding. Mom and Dad also drove down from Oregon for the Thanksgiving holiday. We feasted and enjoyed one anothers company!

Mykensie at her treatment. As you can see, her hair is still holding on strong! The Dr. adamantly told her all of it would be gone by day 14...well roughly 2 months later it's still there! It is thinning a bit, and they said she would eventually loose all of it, but I guess she is one of the very few lucky ones who gets to enjoy it a while longer. She looks stunning, wouldn't you say?
Dad and Kenz after her treatment. She is still all smiles!
Mykle and Mykensie. You can see her bandage over her port site on her chest. They pump all sorts of colorful chemicals and IV's into the site. The whole process takes about 1.5-2 hours each treatment.
After her treatment we feasted at Tucano's Brazilian Restaurant, which Mykensie loves since they have some of the foods she enjoyed while studying in Brazil.

We had a low-key Thanksgiving since Mykensie had her treatment right before. She reacted well again, which is so good. She slept a lot of the weekend, but we did manage to take short walk outside for some fresh air to This is the Place Park in SLC, UT.

For Mykensie's December 10th treatment, she was accompanied by Felice. Felice is the mother of Mykensie's best friend Lindsay, who passed away 3 years ago over Christmas. Felice flew in from Oregon and stayed the week, pampering Kenz. She had a great time and is so grateful for all of the love and support pouring in from family and friends.

Mykensie also made it through finals and her fall semester at BYU! She was fearful of suffering grades as she approached finals week, as she hasn't been able to devote as much time to her studys as she would have liked. Miraculously, she got an A in her Physiology class even though she had fallen behind on over 300 pages of text book reading. She sped read through the information the day before the test, said a prayer and faced the beast...and conquered! She is so amazing and smart.

She has decided she wants to stay next semester at BYU and not take one off. Since the reaction to her treatments (beside her very first one) have been bearable, she is going to take a light class load. She was supposed to graduate this next semester, but it looks as if it will be pushed back to summer. She really has been so blessed to be able to juggle school and work and to keep her health between each treatment as to not get off schedule. Thank you for all of the prayers, thoughts, and concern through her battle!

More pictures and post are to come- I promise to keep better updates!


  1. Pleased to see an update at last! Even more pleased to see that Kensie continues to smile and press on--and look beautiful through it all. Many happy returns! Peggy K

  2. Wonderful to hear how well you are doing. We are so glad to hear that you have been able to stay in school. you are in our thoughts and prayers every day.

    And, thankyou Mykle for the update. I know you have been busy but we , ( and I'm sure alot of others) got a bit worried... Merry Christmas all. PS. Bailey surprised us with a visit from Scotland! so this is from me (john) Sue , Bailey, Court and Adam.